Thursday, 6 September, 12.50-13.50

Evolution of local antibiotic delivery in the management of bone infection


Mr. Martin McNally

Dr. Willem-Jan Metsemakers

Mr. Jamie Ferguson

Dr. Michael Diefenbeck

Room: Finlandia Hall

Friday, 7 September, 12.35-13.35

Lessons Learnt and Positive Outcomes: Over 300 Challenging Patients Across 2 University Hospitals


Dr Deepa Nayar

Consultant Medical Microbiologist

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust


Mr Chris Gooding

Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon

Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Associate Lecturer University of Cambridge


Room: Helsinki Hall

Smart Healing Solutions for Bone Infection Treatment

As the world seeks answers to the growing threat of antibiotic resistance, Bonalive’s Smart Healing solutions represent a new standard in patient care. Evolving at the intersection of technology and human biology, the Bonalive technologies reduce the need for antibiotic treatments and enable a better quality of life for patients.

Please join our symposium to learn about the latest experiences in the use of Bonalive® bioactive glass in bone infection surgery.

12:35-12:45   Introduction | Dr. Fredrik Ollila, Finland

12:45-12:55   Stimulating our own biological machinery to drive regeneration. Can this be done? | Assoc. Prof. Nina Lindfors, Finland

12:55-13:05   What is the role of S53P4 bioactive glass in septic non-union surgery | Dr. Martin Glombitza, Germany

13:05-13:15 S53P4 bioactive glass – a highly cost-effective solution in clinical treatment of chronic osteomyelitis | Dr. Jan Geurts, the Netherlands

13:15-13:25 First steps towards regenerating segmental defects with S53P4 bioactive glass | Prof. Thierry Bégué, France

13:25-13:35 Discussion
Room: Finlandia Hall

Please note that this symposium will be live streamed.